Are Probiotics Good To Take?

I get many questions from clients at SkinSprort Fitness in Phoenix, AZ, about the latest trends in health. Most are quite aware of natural ways to keep their bodies healthy and prevent illness in the first place. One of the hottest topics is about the human microbiome and the benefits of probiotics. Your body has thousands of microbes that help it stay functioning at its best. In fact, it has more microbes than cells. To stay healthy, you need a healthy balance, since the beneficial bacteria provide a boost to your immune system to keep harmful microbes at bay, aid in food digestion and so much more.

Your bacteria do so much for your body.

While most of the bacteria and other microbes are in your digestive system, there are bacteria on your skin, lungs and even in the vaginal tract. Besides digestion and aiding the immune system, beneficial microbes aid the body in absorbing fatty acids and breaking down carbohydrates and toxins. Beneficial microbes protect the intestines and even help repair them. Microbes play a role in your metabolism and the health of your immune system. In fact, an imbalance of microbes can affect your mental health.

Each individual has his or her own personalized mix of microbes when they’re born.

It’s believed that when a baby passes the vaginal canal, he or she receives the mother’s beneficial bacteria. Breastfeeding can contribute to the body’s earliest microbes. A lot can change from birth to adulthood and even after you reach that age. Diet, stress, antibiotics or other medications, too much alcohol and even lack of activity can cause a change in your microbiome. Some people even start out life with too few bacteria. People delivered C-section and/or weren’t breast-fed, may have food intolerance if they’re parents had no problems eating certain types of food, such as dairy.

Probiotics help you build or rebuild your gut’s microbiome.

Probiotics are live microbes that can provide a health benefit when given in large amounts. Probiotics can be a food, such as fermented food like yogurt or sauerkraut, or taken in pill form. The most often used probiotics are bacteria called Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. However, they’re not a cure all for all conditions or microbe imbalance. That’s because everyone’s balance is different. Consuming prebiotic foods, foods that feed beneficial microbes, can build up your body’s personal beneficial microbiome.

  • Eating yogurt or other probiotic food when taking antibiotics or several weeks before a vacation or stressful time can help you stay healthier. Start several weeks ahead to build up your system.
  • If you opt for a probiotic supplement in pill form, make sure it contains a minimum of 10 billion live bacteria and has a broad spectrum of bacteria. Eat foods high in soluble fiber as a prebiotic to help them thrive.
  • People with anxiety depression, OCD, brain fog, it could be caused by a microbiome imbalance. People who have vitamins K, B12, B7 or D or magnesium deficiencies might lack the appropriate microbes to produce them.
  • There are some studies that show that probiotics may actually make it easier to lose weight. If you have any health condition, always check with your health care professional.

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