How To Find Your Motivation

How To Find Your Motivation

It’s not always easy to get your clothes packed and drive to the gym or to go right after a long day’s work. Sometimes, you simply want to skip your workout. That’s why knowing your personal motivation to get fitter is extremely important. In fact, it is the driving force that keeps you going especially when the going gets tough or your weight has plateaued. As a trainer, I help provide motivation, but only you can identify your ultimate motivating factor.

A motivation is a deep desire to see a specific outcome.

Did you have a health scare and suddenly your future looked bleak if you didn’t change some things in your life. That’s often a reason people start to workout, but a negative picture in your brain is never a good idea. Instead, focus on all the fun you can have, years from now, dancing at your child’s wedding or having an abundance of energy no matter what your age. Build a mental image of what you WANT, rather than what you want to avoid.

Keep your motivation in front of you.

No matter what your motivation, whether it’s to look better, feel better or have more energy, find a way to keep your motivation in front of you until all the changes that are necessary are habits. If you want to look great and feel great, find pictures that express what that means to you and put them in places you’ll see frequently. Take a before picture in a form fitting outfit and date it. Plan to take another picture in the same spot and outfit every month to compare. We can help you with healthy eating with our nutritional plan that includes meal plans that are easy to make.

Get a workout buddy and play with the kids.

While group training and our personal training program can help you stay motivated and accountable, if you’re working out on your own, get a workout buddy. Just knowing you’ll be meeting with someone and have someone to answer to if you don’t workout can help you exercise when you’d rather watch Netflix. If your motivation is having more energy and better health to be able to care for your family, include them in your fitness regimen. Spend time playing with the kids, whether it’s riding bikes, walking or shooting hoops, it’s both good exercise and good family time.

  • Schedule your workout at the same time every day and include it on your calendar as you would any appointment. It helps get you in the habit of exercising daily.
  • Focus on your progress. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is, knowing you’re headed in the right direction means keeping score. Track several types of things, beside pounds and inches, such as measuring your endurance. If you couldn’t run a block before and now three is easy, you’re progressing.
  • Always focus on what you want when you’re trying to find your motivation and always look for positive changes. It doesn’t matter where you are now, always look forward to where you will be in the future.
  • While looking at your motivation, also look at your excuses and reasons you can’t reach your goal. If it’s time, remember your energy level will be higher when you get fit and you’ll get things done more quickly. Find a positive change to counteract every negative reaction.

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Should You Worry About Hormones In Food?

Should You Worry About Hormones In Food?

SkinSport in Anthem, AZ, we focus on a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and a nutritious diet. Eating healthy means more than just focusing on the basic nutrients, it also means paying attention to how that food was raised. If it’s plant based, were pesticides or other chemicals used? When considering food from an animal source, the same thing is true. How was the animal raised? What was it fed? One of the important questions is about hormones in food and whether there should be concern about the effect it has on health.

It’s important to look at the safety of recombinant bovine growth hormones—rBGH.

What are rBGH? They’re the hormones that increase the milk production of cows. While that may good, in one way, for consumers, since it lowers the cost of milk, learning whether it can pose a danger to humans who drink that milk should be the first concern. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it doesn’t affect humans directly. The bad news is that it does increase a second hormone called IGF— insulin-like growth factor—in the milk of cows who receive rBGH by as much as a factor of ten. IGF creates effects similar to human growth hormone—HGH—which may increase the risk for certain forms of cancer, such as prostate or breast cancer. Luckily, that amount is still small compared to what the body makes every day.

There are other complications when you give cows rBGH.

Giving cows this hormone may increase milk production, but it comes at a price to the cow. Studies reveal that cows that receive it have a higher incidence of udder infections than those that don’t. When udder infections occur, an antibiotic must be given. Some scientists worry that the frequent introduction of antibiotics could be contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria that could transfer to humans.

Cattle are fattened for the market and estrogen may be used to fatten them.

Most of the beef in the grocery comes from cattle that receive this hormone. Those that don’t are labeled organic. When ranchers get cattle ready for market, they give each one an implant that has a combination of hormones, but the most prominent one is estrogen. The amount you ingest when you eat meat may be minor compared to the amount your body makes, whether you’re male or female, but that’s not necessarily true for children. Some scientists believe it may be responsible for the earlier onset of puberty, which averages about seven months.

  • While rBGH is still in some milk, it’s being used far less than it used to be and is used far less than when it was first approved in 1993. In fact, one study completed in 2007 revealed only one in five dairy cows received it.
  • While no concrete evidence is available on the potential harm from milk from cows given rBGH, most people who focus on their health choose to avoid it. It’s better to error on the side of caution.
  • The secondary hormone—IGF-1—which increases in cows given rBGH, can increase the risk for diseases like diabetes, according to one study.
  • A review published in 2009 suggested that infants drinking milk from cows that were given rBGH could later be adversely affected as adults.

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What Is The Paleo Diet?

What Is The Paleo Diet?

It seems like there are new diets that are the next miracle or ones that take weight off quickly. Finding which ones work and which ones are hype can be a problem. One of the more popular new diets is the Paleo diet. It’s based on what your ancestors back in the Paleolithic period, 2.6 million to about 12,000 years ago, might have eaten. That was the time before farming, so grains, legumes and dairy aren’t part of it. The premise is that the body was genetically designed to digest those foods properly, so thefoods are healthier and keep you functioning at optimal levels.

While there’s a wide variety of foods on the Paleo diet, you’ll probably miss the ones you can’t eat.

Grains were added to the diet later, as man began to farm. Therefore, it’s not part of the Paleolithic diet. That eliminates a lot of American favorites. After all, what’s a hamburger without a bun? So many American favorites like pizza, donuts and bread are eliminated. In many diets these foods are eliminated because they’re high in calories, processed flour and sugar. All of these things can devastate a weight loss program. A Paleo diet contains no oils. It doesn’t contain processed foods, which automatically is a healthier way to eat.

There are many foods that are allowed on the Paleolithic diet.

Rather than focus on what you can’t eat, let’s focus on what you can. Not only is animal meat allowed, the “whole animal” approach is encouraged. Early man used all the animals they caught for food, including organs, bone marrow and cartilage. While sucking out the marrow of bones isn’t part of the diet, bone broth and organ meat is. Bone broth has a high amount of collagen, glycine, chondroitin and glucosamine. These are all building blocks of the body.

Other foods in the Paleo diet besides animal meat include vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit.

Early man was a hunter/gatherer. He ate things found in nature. Bird’s eggs, natural fats found in avocado and nuts were part of the diet. Man had not yet learned to ferment drinks, but fermented foods were a natural occurrence. Fermented foods are healthy and if early man were hungry or thirsty enough, they probably ate them. Unlike today’s adult beverages, there are were no additives, just the fruit or vegetables that were fermented. Even if you pick an organic wine with no added sugar, consume it in moderation, as early man might have. Other fermented foods, like kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut are encouraged on the paleo diet.

  • While the Paleo diet can be healthy, there’s still the risk for vitamin D and calcium deficiencies. It has higher amounts of protein and saturated fat, which could increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and kidney disease.
  • Eating like early man isn’t enough. Early man had adequate sunshine to produce vitamin D naturally. Early people were constantly on the move, walking everywhere and hunting for food. You need to increase your activity to get the full benefits.
  • If you chose to eat a modified form of the Paleolithic diet, simply cut back on processed foods, food with added sugar and ones made with highly processed flour.
  • Early man slept more and valued drinking water to stay hydrated. If you follow the same dictates, you’ll be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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How To Burn Fat And Keep It Off

How To Burn Fat And Keep It Off

If you’re tired of losing weight, only to regain it and sometimes more, it’s time to learn techniques to burn fat and keep it off permanently. While you might think it means eating celery sticks forever, it isn’t. Taking weight off and keeping it from returning starts with making smarter choices when you eat. It can be as simple as planning snacks that are ready if you’re hungry between meals, such as apples, oil free popcorn or nuts. These are far healthier options than grabbing a candy bar or a donut and have more nutrients, including fiber.

Nutrition plays a huge role in your weight control program.

When you eat healthier, you do more than just cut calories, you eat foods higher in nutrition and ones with less or no added sugar. You not only consume vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, you consume fiber, protein and healthy fats. Fiber, protein and healthy fat makes you fill fuller for longer, so you’ll eat less at your next meal and not be tempted to eat more snacks. Fiber also helps keep blood sugar level, which can trigger a sudden rise in energy, followed by a huge drop, making you want to eat more sugar. That adds extra calories and that means extra pounds.

Exercise regularly and build muscles.

Exercise burns calories, but it does more than that. It builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance, so the more you have, the higher your metabolism. There are two types of fat, brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is actually a calorie burner. It has mitochondria that act like furnaces and burn 20% of the body’s calories. White fat is just lumpy and acts like an insulator or storage area for the body. The more you exercise, the more irisin is released. It’s a hormone that turns white fat to brown fat, which burns more calories and helps you lose weight, weight that doesn’t return easily.

Even if you workout regularly, but are sedentary the rest of the time, you might gain weight.

Living an active lifestyle is extremely important. One study shows that sitting or laying longer than an hour on a regular basis, wipes out much of the benefit you get from working out. Stay active. Get up and move around for five minutes every hour. Take the stairs and not the elevator. Park further from the store and walk. Briskly walk to lunch. Use your leisure time for active outlets like riding a bike or hiking. Even household tasks can be undertaken with vigor to burn more calories.

  • Adequate sunshine is important for weight loss. It increases the production of leptin that makes you feel full. Do safe sunning, take supplements or eat with food high in vitamin D to avoid D-deficiency. Studies show that people who were D-deficient had more problems losing weight.
  • Get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep upsets the hunger-satiety hormonal balance. It limits the satiety hormone—leptin and produces more of the hunger hormone—ghrelin.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Water can fill you when a glass is consumed before a meal. An ice-cold glass of water also burns extra calories when the body tries to warm it.
  • Keep portion control in mind. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up the food you love. It just means eating it less frequently and keeping portion control in mind. Super-sizing anything will super-size your waistline.

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Vitamin D Boosts Your Immunity

Vitamin D Boosts Your Immunity

If you’re already a member of the family at SkinSport in Anthem, AZ, you know we focus on all aspects of healthy living, including diet. What you eat provides the building blocks for healthy cells and proper functioning of the body. Until recently, vitamin D was almost neglected, but the recent pandemic brought about evidence that it boosts your immunity and needs to play a more important role in a healthy lifestyle. A study in Spain found that 80% of the COVID-19 patients in a hospital in Spain suffered from vitamin D deficiency. In fact, the doctors conducting the study suggested that the elderly and those at risk with a comorbidity needed to receive supplemental vitamin D as a preventative.

Vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that the body makes when the rays of the sun hits the skin and changes the cholesterol to vitamin D. While it might seem like it would be easy to get adequate amounts, it isn’t. More and more people use sun blocks to avoid skin cancer, which is prudent. However, there is a way to do safe sunning and reap both benefits. For those who live in a northern climate, there may not be enough sun, or they have too much of their body covered to get any. The darker your skin is, the less vitamin D is made, so the higher the risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Too little vitamin D has severe consequences, but so does too much.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, osteoporosis, cancer, death and depression. Studies show that getting too little vitamin D has an effect on the bones because one of its role is to help maintain normal levels of phosphorous and calcium. It’s necessary for the body and brain. It maintains muscle functioning, controls inflammation and boosts brain power and hormone functioning. In extreme cases, where people took 100X the recommended amount, toxicity built up in the body. It causes fatigue, vomiting, nausea, forgetfulness, slurred speech, and elevated blood calcium levels.

Boost your vitamin D levels with a healthy diet and safe sunning.

Most food high in vitamin D is fortified, but there are natural vitamin D sources. Fatty fish, liver, fish roe, eel, duck fat, lard made from free-range pork fat, eggs and cod liver oil. For animal sources, it all depends on how the animal was raised. If it’s grass fed or free-range it’s a better source of the vitamin. There’s even experimental mushrooms raised under ultraviolet lights, which allows them to convert the light to vitamin D.

  • Even though vitamin D is called a vitamin, it’s really a steroid hormone that’s quite unique. New studies show that people who spend more time in the sun live longer than those who don’t.
  • As you age, you need more vitamin D. Between the age of one and seventy, the daily required amount is approximately 600 IU. After 70, the amount increases to 800 IU each day.
  • For good dental health, the body needs vitamin D. The teeth are constantly repairing themselves with calcium and phosphorous and vitamin D helps those minerals to be absorbed.
  • Safe sunning means staying out in the sun long enough for your skin to absorb enough sun to produce melanin. That amount of time will vary based on complexion. While a slight pinking that disappears the next day is okay, a sun burn can cause skin damage and potential skin cancer.

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How To Stay Motivated As A Beginner

How To Stay Motivated As A Beginner

When people first start a program of exercise they’re pumped up and ready to workout for hours. That excitement often wanes after the first session and after two weeks, many people find themselves making excuses not to go to the gym. There are ways to stay motivated as a beginner and the more you know, the better chance you have of achieving your goals and seeing your hard work come to fruition.

One reason people stop working out is that they hurt.

If you haven’t exercised in a while or are new to exercise, your muscles are being worked in ways they aren’t used to moving. One way to avoid this is to start your program slowly and always begin a workout with a warm-up and end it with a cool-down session. Your first few sessions should be all about learning the proper form for each exercise, to avoid causing muscle strain and injury. Pushing too hard at first can make you discouraged. A trainer can help to ensure that your workout is tough, but still within your capabilities. Make sure you rest between workouts, at least 48 hours if you’re doing strength training.

Don’t expect overnight miracles.

If you’re constantly weighing yourself at first or checking your biceps in the mirror, you’ll be disappointed. It takes time to see the results. However, you will start to notice a difference in your energy levels after a week or two. Physical changes could take as long as four weeks. Weight loss can occur within a week, especially if you’re on a healthy diet, but it won’t be a massive amount, only be about one or two pounds.

Expect the unexpected from life.

Life has a way of getting busy, even if you’ve got plans for working out. Unless you’ve scheduled in your workout as a regular appointment, you might find that your fitness plans will fall apart. Working out is just as important as a doctor’s visit. In fact, when you workout, you’ll save a lot of time at the doctors and probably have fewer appointments. If your work schedule is hectic, pick a time early in the morning, before things start getting crazy.

  • Goals setting can help you stay on track and stay focused. It’s the first thing most trainers do with clients. Set your goals and make them measurable, then break them down to smaller goals. Give yourself a timeline to achieve your goals.
  • Keep your workout at the same time of each day. Just like putting it on your schedule, you’ll automatically avoid scheduling other things at that time. It becomes a habit that way, just like brushing your teeth.
  • Be careful not to overtrain. It’s easy to get caught up in the desire to achieve your goal immediately and spend too much time working out in the beginning. Overtraining actually slows progress since it doesn’t give the body time to recover.
  • Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else or their progress. Each person is different and not only begins at a different level of fitness, experience a different rate of change. For example, while men build muscles faster, women build endurance faster.

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Is Diet Or Fitness More Important?

Is Diet Or Fitness More Important?

There are a lot of ways to approach weight loss and fitness. One is through diet alone, one is with exercise and the third is by doing both. Which is more important? If weight loss is your goal, losing weight by simply exercising isn’t enough, especially if you’re eating an unhealthy, high calorie diet. The same is true for building muscles. It takes quality food to provide the building blocks. You also won’t build muscles by simply eating protein.

While you might be the hardest working person in the gym, it won’t help if your diet is poor.

For weight loss, a healthy diet is probably the winner when it comes to achieving your goals. Stopping off at the Burger Quickie after a workout and get a large fry, double cheeseburger with bacon and shake can add far more calories than you burnt in the gym. If you want to lose a pound, you have to eat 3500 calories fewer than you burn. That won’t happen if you constantly eat junk food.

Is your goal building muscles?

You do need the raw material to build muscles, but you definitely need strength training, too. There’s a big debate whether exercise is more important or nutrition. Again, nutrition is the optimal way to go, but you won’t get the big bulging muscles you want. The best way, of course, is to have a diet high in protein and other nutritious food, plus a program of regular exercise that includes strength building workouts regularly.

Diet wins as most important, exercise comes a close second, but combining the two is best.

A healthy diet provides all the nutrients as building blocks and if it contains primarily whole foods, fewer calories, making weight loss easier. Some fast food burgers with all the fixings can contain up to 1500 calories. Barbecued or honey glazed chicken strips can top out at 1600 calories and when you add a cola or shake and a large order of fries, in one meal you’ve eaten more than your daily allotment of calories. When you consider the average calories burned running for an hour is between 600 and 800 an hour to burn those calories, you can see how diet plays the biggest role.

  • One benefit of working out is that it boosts metabolism. You build muscle tissue and the more you have the more calories you burn 24/7. Muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain.
  • For weight loss, the type of workout makes a difference. While running burns tons of calories, just as strength-building exercises do, it takes those calories from both lean muscle tissue and fat. Strength training burns fat.
  • One simple way to eat a healthy diet is to avoid processed food. Stick with lean protein, vegetables, fruit, dairy and whole grains. When you purchase food, such as peanut butter, check the label. The fewer the ingredients the better. In the case of peanut butter, it should be one ingredient: peanuts.
  • Eating a small snack before and after working out can make a difference in your performance and whether you build muscles fast. It should be a combination of protein and carbohydrates, such as Greek yogurt and fresh berries or an apple and peanut butter.

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Have You Heard Of A HIIT Workout?

Have You Heard Of A HIIT Workout?

Do you want to shorten your workout time and get a workout that has loads of cardio benefits? Try doing a high intensity interval training workout, also know as a HIIT Workout. HIIT is not a specific workout but a way of doing any workout. You alternate between a few seconds to a few minutes of peak intensity, then drop back to equal time or longer at recovery or moderate intensity exercise. It can be incorporated with everything from weight lifting to walking. If you’re walking, you do a few minutes of power walking and then drop back to a moderate pace until your heart rate recovers.

HIIT is the ultimate interval training workout.

When you do interval training, you workout at moderate intensity and then have a short rest period between exercises. It’s very similar to HIIT, except with HIIT, you turn up the heat and work toward maximum heart rate. At peak performance, you’re burning the most calories and getting the best results, so you can’t maintain it very long, the recovery period allows you to do extend your exercise period.

Alternating your intensity is shown to be far superior to steady state workouts.

Steady-state workouts can improve your aerobic system by forcing it to work, but HIIT does that and more. It also stimulates the anaerobic system. Anaerobic exercises work your muscles at such intensity that your body can’t provide the oxygen. That builds strength and endurance. Not only do HIIT workouts provide more benefits than steady state, they do it in a shorter period of time, so you don’t workout as long with a HIIT workout.

After a HIIT workout, you continue to burn calories with a higher metabolism.

HIIT causes EPOC—Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption—burns calories after you’ve quit, boosting your metabolism. It’s called afterburn. The afterburn effect lasts up to 72 hours after you’ve worked out. That afterburn effect comes from the high intensity part of HIIT. The high-intensity also means your workout can be cut from 45 minutes to a half hour to get the same benefits.

  • HIIT helps your muscles use glucose more effectively as fuel. It helps increase sensitivity to insulin and make you less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. It also boosts heart health by lowering blood pressure.
  • HIIT burns abdominal fat—visceral fat—better than any other type of exercise regimen. You can use any type of workout to do it, whether it’s calisthenics, weight lifting or just walking.
  • HIIT training isn’t for beginners, or someone restarting after an injury it’s not the best way to start your workouts. If you’re in good health, you can modify HIIT, by pushing hard for very short periods and less than your peak and dropping back to a moderate pace for longer.
  • Alternating your workout between HIIT and traditional workouts can be a good place to start. You won’t ever be bored using HIIT, since you can adapt any activity to it.

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The Importance Of A Fitness Routine During A Lockdown

The Importance Of A Fitness Routine During A Lockdown

Whether it’s during a lockdown or not, having a fitness routine is important. Whether you’re at your busiest time at work, going through personal problems or in the middle of a pandemic, keeping something consistent and predictable in your life can help provide some of the structure you need. While you might not have be able to come to the gym while the lockdowns were in effect, those of you who already established a workout and healthy eating program had the outline already in place to follow. Start today and develop your own program, whether you come to the gym or do it at home, the consistency is important to your well-being.

Why is a routine important?

When you get up every morning you have a routine. Whether it’s taking a shower and brushing your teeth or ambling out to make coffee, you don’t have to think about it. You just do it. Getting a routine for fitness can provide you with that mindless inspiration. In this case, mindlessness is a positive thing. It isn’t about the actual workout, but more about the habit of doing the workout. Getting fit is all about consistency and developing healthy habits encourages that.

You’ll feel like something’s missing if you don’t follow your routine.

There’s a reason that many of these healthy habits are called lifestyle changes. It’s exactly what they do, make changes in your life permanently, or at least for a long time. A habit is hard to break and when something becomes part of your routine, it’s a habit. Eating healthier becomes a habit. It can change your tastes, so you don’t crave sugary treats but find the natural sweetness of fruit to be satisfying. When you’re at the store, you’ll buy healthy food when eating healthy is your habit, and opt for healthier options when eating in restaurants.

Even though you’ve developed a routine, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep it interesting.

If you’ve worked out at 6 in the morning for months, in your mind, that time slot is taken and you wake up automatically to do it. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same exercises every time. The same is true of eating healthy. Choosing more whole food, including fruits and vegetables, and less processed food doesn’t mean you eat the same meal every day. In fact, our nutrition program can help you learn healthy eating with a varied menu that provides the nutrition you need.

  • Don’t forget to include all types of fitness, flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. If you’re working with a personal trainer, either in a group or private sessions, he/she can do it for you.
  • Varying your workout, while keeping the same schedule, will help prevent plateauing by keeping your body burning the highest amount of calories. It also takes the boredom out of workouts and ensures all muscles are worked in all ways.
  • You can start your fitness routine and add to it as you go. Start by giving up processed food or include a walk in your daily life, and build from there. No matter where you start, just do it and do it consistently.
  • You can begin your routine today by taking a one week free trial or getting a free consultation at SkinSport. It could be just the incentive you need to start today and develop a lifetime of healthy habits.

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How To Eat Mindfully When Home All Day

How To Eat Mindfully When Home All Day

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, you might have found yourself eating everything in the house during the lockdown. Often, people who stay at home all day, fill in those gaps of activity with a snack, a smoke or a cup of coffee. Whether it’s habit, giving your hands something to do or frustration. Eating without thinking is one of the biggest problems faced by people who are home and have access to food all day. Learning to eat mindfully when you’re at home all day can help you stay healthier and even lose weight.

Exactly what does eating mindfully mean?

You probably can recognize when you’re eating mindlessly. You pass a candy bowl and grab a few pieces and stuff them in your mouth as you pass or eat the last bit of potatoes out of the bowl before you wash it. Mindful eating is the opposite. You think about each bite and make sure when you eat, that’s all you’re focusing on and all you’re doing. When you’re mindful, before you eat, you think about why you’re eating and as you eat, you savor the pleasure of each bite. You eat slowly when you’re mindful and appreciate each bite.

Mindful eating takes the shame out of eating.

While you do identify whether you’re really physically hungry before you eat, you look upon the act of eating as guilt free and truly appreciate the food. You learn to view food as a way to be healthier and good for your well-being, while also noticing whether there triggers that made you eat or if it created emotional feelings when you ate. Mindful eating also teaches you to stop eating when you’re full.

Mindful eating helps you lose weight and eat healthier.

Food seems to be everywhere. It’s at the checkout line at almost every large store. Many people no longer sit down and eat, but snack away as they sit in front of the television, on their cell phones or on the computer. In today’s busy world we all try to get more done in less time, often doing two things at once is part of the program. Unfortunately, you eat too fast and don’t appreciate the food that way and don’t give your body the time to let your brain know you’re full, so you tend to overeat. It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to realize your stomach is full. Eating mindfully, helps you slow down so you can recognize that and eat less.

  • Not only will mindful eating help you identify whether you’re eating for emotional reasons or eating because you’re hungry, it helps you identify those emotional issues you may have buried.
  • Once you know what triggers eating, you can identify those times and find a better response than eating. Eventually, instead of grabbing a pint of ice cream, you’ll be working on the real problem and react appropriately.
  • One study found that a six-month seminar in mindful eating caused the average participant not only to lose 26 pounds, but also saw that weight loss last long after the seminar ended.
  • If traditional eating programs for weight loss have left you hungry, try combining it with mindful eating and you’ll probably be more successful.

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