How To Accelerate Your Fitness Goals

One of the biggest problems with getting fit is that it takes time. You don’t workout one day and see bulging muscles the next. You can accelerate your fitness goals by making a few changes. The first is having a personal trainer or a personalized program designed specifically for you. It all starts with identifying your goals, creating a plan to reach them and making a schedule for working out and/or meal plan for healthy eating. Scheduling workouts at the same time everyday can help keep you constant and consistency is the key to success.

Find activities you love and do them more often.

If you hate working out at the gym, it doesn’t mean you can only get exercise there. While working out at the gym can be your primary workout, find other activities you enjoy and do those on your days away from the gym or as the spirit moves you. Keep in mind that your workout at the gym will help you do more of the activity you love, whether it’s dancing through the night, riding bikes, swimming or walking, you’ll get better at it and can enjoy it even more.

Try an HIIT workout.

Adjusting the intensity throughout your workout can get faster results in less time at the gym. That’s all HIIT—high intensity interval training—is. It’s a method where you go at top intensity for a short period, as little as a minute or less, and drop back to a recovery pace for the same amount of time or longer. HIIT burns more calories and boosts the metabolism. It aids fat loss and can be done with any type of workout.

Vary your workouts and try something new periodically.

If you’re working out in a small group or in private sessions at SkinSports, you won’t have to worry about mixing up your workout, our trainers make sure you get variety. It not only ensures that you’ll get all types of fitness training, cardio, strength, flexibility and balance, but also avoid plateauing and boredom. As you get fitter, try out sports and activities you might have avoided before, thinking you were too out of shape. It can make your life more exciting and give you more reasons to become your fittest.

  • Combine your fitness regimen with healthy eating. No matter how hard you workout, if you aren’t eating healthy, you won’t get the results you want. If you’re dieting alone, you won’t either.
  • Don’t overdo strength training. If you’re pushing yourself too hard and trying to lift too much every day, you’ll never give your body a chance to recover. It becomes counter-productive and can set you back.
  • Get plenty of rest. Your body needs the rest to recover. It does that when you sleep. You can also speed recovery by getting a massage, taking a relaxing bath or just walking.
  • Find ways to be more active. Walk to lunch. Park further from the store. Take the steps rather than the elevator. All these extra moves burn extra calories.

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