Benefits Of Walking

If you want to start an inexpensive and easy way to start a fitness program, try walking. It could be the first “step” toward fitness. There are a lot of benefits of walking and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, studies show that you can break your workouts into ten minute sessions and get the same benefits as you would doing it continuously for a half hour. You’ll improve your heart health when you walk more and that’s just the beginning.

Build your bones with a weight bearing exercise.

Osteoporosis, reduced bone density, occurs more frequently in older women. Just like strength building exercises, weight-bearing exercise, like walking, can help slow the loss of bone. You’ll decrease your risk of stroke and can manage high blood pressure better when you walk. It also helps reduce stiffness, joint and muscle pain, as well as being beneficial to diabetics. Walking also helps shave off the pounds and obesity is the leading cause of preventable deaths, surpassing smoking several years ago.

Make your walk brisk to get the most benefit.

What is brisk for you, may not be brisk for someone else who is fitter or less fit than you are. That’s why adopting a definition that accounts for fitness differences is important. Brisk means that you can walk and still are able to talk, but singing would be out of the question. While you might puff a bit, you still can navigate the walk easily. One morbidly obese man was told he would die if he didn’t lose weight. He started out by walking. He could only go out the house and down to the street initially, but as the months passed he managed to go around the block, then further. He lost hundreds of pounds and now runs marathons. Always keep your walking safely within your fitness level.

Make some lifestyle changes to get more exercise.

Maybe you do have a really crowded life, but modifying a few things can help you get in more exercise. Remember it only takes ten minutes at a time to reap the benefits. Start by parking further from the store and walking. If you have to take the elevator anywhere, skip it and take the stairs. If your destination is on a high floor, use the stairs as far as you can and take the elevator the rest of the way. The same is true for going anywhere, especially if you use public transportation, get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way.

  • Make your walk an appointment at the same time each day. Just like any exercise program, you’ll be more apt to maintain it when you feel it’s important and schedule it into your day.
  • As you get fitter, make your walking path more challenging. Take a route with hills or increase your distance or time spent walking.
  • Focus on posture when you walk. It’s important to have good posture. If you walk with a friend, check each other’s posture while you walk.
  • Walk slowly for a warm up and transition to a faster walk as you go, slowing it as you come near the end for a cool down. You can make your walk high intensity training by alternating between a fast walk and a recovery or slower walk.

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