Best Workouts When You Have An Injured Knee

There are always people who come into SkinSport in Phoenix AZ and Anthem, AZ who have special needs. Some want ones that are good for people with bad backs, heart conditions or any special needs. If you have an injury, we modify the workout to meet your needs. We even have workouts when you have an injured knee. Meeting special needs is one reason personal trainers are so popular. Here are just a few ways to exercise on your own with a knee injury.

Loosen up with stretches and foam roll exercises.

When you first return to exercising, you need to take it slow. Stretches are a great way to warm up unused muscles after an injury, particularly if you’ve had a cast. It’s important to get all the muscles moving. Start simple with a knee straightener. Sit in a straight chair, feet flat on the floor. Lift one leg to straighten it, exhaling in the process and then lower. You can do this standing, too. Lay on your back and lift one leg. You can grab it to help lift. Include a standing quad stretch, calf stretch and seated hamstring stretch to reach all the muscles of the knee.

Try these exercises to help you stay in shape without stressing your knees.

If you just were injured and need to completely stay off your knee, there’s no need to let other parts of your body suffer. Do assisted pull-ups, laying dumbbell presses, seated overhead shoulder presses, a seated row, lateral pulldowns and incline dumbbell press. If you have a serious injury, always wait for the doctor to give you the go ahead. However, if you can still get out, doing exercises that focus on other body parts will keep you in shape.

Do exercises that don’t put pressure on the knee.

You don’t have to stick exclusively to upper body workouts. There are lower body workouts that don’t put undo pressure on the knee. Crunches and pushups are floor exercises that can be used. Leg lifts and heel raises done with resistance bands are a few. While running may be out, don’t give up cardio exercises. You can swim, use a recumbent bicycle or an elliptical.

  • Know your body and listen to it. If you feel knee pain, you may be putting too much strain on your knee. Stop and take a rest.
  • Working out and boosting your circulation will actually help your knee heal faster. It also helps prevent weight gain. I can’t express it often enough, always check with your health care professional first.
  • Using resistance bands can help you improve your range of motion. Start by doing front leg extensions without a band and either add leg weights or use resistance bands as your knees get stronger.
  • It’s always best to work with a personal trainer, particularly when you start. He or she can help develop a program specifically for your needs and identify the muscles that need the most help, plus create a program that will safely get you into shape.

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