How To Change Your Mindset About Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t necessarily easy, but it doesn’t have to be a trauma or the entire focus of your life, either. You go into a diet or weight loss program feeling you have no discipline and hating yourself every minute for being “fat.” Instead of focusing on the way to get healthier, you only focus on results. That negative mindset can actually be your downfall. In order to take charge of your weight loss program, you need to change your mindset about weight loss.

Look at your goals first.

You can’t always control how much weight you lose. Sometimes, water weight or other things can affect that weight loss. If you celebrate every time you lost a pound and criticize yourself each time you didn’t, you’re probably already on the road to quitting. Instead of focusing on just the scales, focus on those things you can control, like sticking with a healthy diet or working out regularly. When you do the things you need to do to lose weight, it will happen. Trust in that and make those things your goals.

Don’t think of food as a reward and exercise as your punishment.

Eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly are not only good for weight loss, they’re also good for your health. Punishing yourself for eating that donut by working out extra long makes exercise your punishment. Instead of using it for punishment, just think of exercise as another way to treat yourself better. Sometimes, you’ll eat that cookie or cake. If you do, move on and continue with your program of exercise and healthy eating. Just don’t use food as your reward, either. Remember, it’s all about taking the best care of yourself.

Identify times when you eat more or balk at working out.

Sometimes, the problem of either lack of motivation or consuming unhealthy foods starts with emotions. What happened before you ate a whole bag of chips? Was there an emotional event before you ate a pint of ice cream? People often eat to bury or satisfy their emotions and if that describes you, there are things you can do about it. Being aware of the problem is the first step. Keep a food diary, where you log in not only the food you eat, but the emotions you had before you eat them. Sometimes, you’ll find that frustration, sadness or even anger. Recognize that and find alternative ways to deal with those feelings.

  • If you have cravings, sometimes the easiest techniques are the best. Just say “stop” out loud. It can make you break the chain reaction that often ends up with you eating more.
  • Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep. Other types of healthy behavior are important. They can affect your weight loss, too. Inadequate sleep can increase your hormones that make you feel hungry and diminish those that make you feel full.
  • Look at your attitude toward water. Simply drinking adequate water each day can boost your weight loss by making you feel fuller. If you’re substituting water for a soft drink or fruit juice, it also lowers your caloric intake.
  • Be your own best friend. You’ll gain nothing by being negative or having destructive, insulting self-talk. Would you keep a friend that constantly berated you? If the answer is yes, it shouldn’t be. Treat yourself with kindness. Positive self-talk, eating healthy and working out is the best way to start.

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