How To Make Time For Workouts When You Don’t Have Any Time

I see a lot of busy people in Phoenix, AZ, and many of them feel they can’t make time for workouts. I love helping people get fit and while I firmly believe that if you schedule a workout with a trainer or in a small group, you’ll automatically fit it into your schedule, I don’t walk in the shoes of every person who may be juggling a job, child and other responsibilities. So for those people, here are some tips to help you get or stay fit, even when life tries to dictate otherwise.

Look toward early morning for your workout.

The obvious choice is to rise earlier and exercise then or workout later at night, after all your tasks are done and the kids are in bed. It was once thought that exercising at night would rev up your system and make sleep impossible. That’s been proven false. In fact, it burns off the hormones of stress, which helps you fall asleep. So whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, find your best time and put in the work. You’ll be glad you did.

Break down your workout to several ten minute ones you can do throughout the day.

One study found that walking 30 minutes a day all at one time did no more good than breaking down that walking to three 10-minute sessions. Both provided the benefits whether done at one time or throughout the day. Break your workout down to several ten minute sessions and put them in your schedule when you have a few minutes to spare.

Workout with your family.

There’s a lot of studies on childhood obesity and fitness. They all indicate that kids need to get more exercise and eat healthier. You control both. You don’t have to be torn between getting and staying fit and making time for family. You can do both at once. Make an hour a day family time when you all do something active. It could be as simple as a game of tag or basketball or a bit more complicated, like a complete workout. You’ll be instilling the need to stay active, while encouraging the good health of all participants.

  • Include exercise as part of your daily tasks. If you live close enough to work to run, bike or walk, do it. Walk to the grocery if it’s within a few miles of your home. Take the stairs or park further from your destination than you normally would. Anything that increases your exercise is good.
  • Switch your after work drink with colleagues to an after work workout. You can socialize, while keeping each other motivated. Workout partners hold you accountable.
  • Do you want time for date night with a spouse? Schedule your date night at the gym and follow it with a delicious healthy meal.
  • If you take time to watch TV or follow friends on social media, multitask, or skip it entirely. Use that time for exercise, either in conjunction with the activity or instead of it.

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