How To Stay Motivated As A Beginner

When people first start a program of exercise they’re pumped up and ready to workout for hours. That excitement often wanes after the first session and after two weeks, many people find themselves making excuses not to go to the gym. There are ways to stay motivated as a beginner and the more you know, the better chance you have of achieving your goals and seeing your hard work come to fruition.

One reason people stop working out is that they hurt.

If you haven’t exercised in a while or are new to exercise, your muscles are being worked in ways they aren’t used to moving. One way to avoid this is to start your program slowly and always begin a workout with a warm-up and end it with a cool-down session. Your first few sessions should be all about learning the proper form for each exercise, to avoid causing muscle strain and injury. Pushing too hard at first can make you discouraged. A trainer can help to ensure that your workout is tough, but still within your capabilities. Make sure you rest between workouts, at least 48 hours if you’re doing strength training.

Don’t expect overnight miracles.

If you’re constantly weighing yourself at first or checking your biceps in the mirror, you’ll be disappointed. It takes time to see the results. However, you will start to notice a difference in your energy levels after a week or two. Physical changes could take as long as four weeks. Weight loss can occur within a week, especially if you’re on a healthy diet, but it won’t be a massive amount, only be about one or two pounds.

Expect the unexpected from life.

Life has a way of getting busy, even if you’ve got plans for working out. Unless you’ve scheduled in your workout as a regular appointment, you might find that your fitness plans will fall apart. Working out is just as important as a doctor’s visit. In fact, when you workout, you’ll save a lot of time at the doctors and probably have fewer appointments. If your work schedule is hectic, pick a time early in the morning, before things start getting crazy.

  • Goals setting can help you stay on track and stay focused. It’s the first thing most trainers do with clients. Set your goals and make them measurable, then break them down to smaller goals. Give yourself a timeline to achieve your goals.
  • Keep your workout at the same time of each day. Just like putting it on your schedule, you’ll automatically avoid scheduling other things at that time. It becomes a habit that way, just like brushing your teeth.
  • Be careful not to overtrain. It’s easy to get caught up in the desire to achieve your goal immediately and spend too much time working out in the beginning. Overtraining actually slows progress since it doesn’t give the body time to recover.
  • Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else or their progress. Each person is different and not only begins at a different level of fitness, experience a different rate of change. For example, while men build muscles faster, women build endurance faster.

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