Is Eating Breakfast Really That Important?

You’ll often hear that breakfast is extremely important, whether you want to lose weight or simply be healthier. There’s a lot of studies on this topic and unfortunately they don’t all agree. Whether you should eat breakfast or not studies have been given a lot of attention, but often those that are pro breakfast, are backed by the cereal industry. The balance still remains a mix.

Some confusion occurs because of the type of people that tend to skip breakfast.

If you’re working normal nine to five hours, the chance you’ll eat breakfast is greater than if you’re a night shift worker. That is a factor many pro breakfast studies fail to consider. There are numerous studies that show people who work night shifts for long periods tend to have more health issues, which include heart disease, an increased risk of cancer, ulcers, digestive problems and even obesity and metabolic diseases. Newer studies show that while skipping breakfast may cause you to burn more calories, it also could lead to a higher incidence of inflammation, which causes health issues.

Studies do find that people who eat breakfast may have increased activity throughout the day.

Until there’s a study that includes all factors, there are going to be studies that show both sides of the coin. While a study in 2017 showed that eating breakfast could improve the body’s ability to burn fat and fight against diabetes, other studies show that extending time between meals, called intermittent fasting, might improve health. One of the problems faced by some individuals is that they’re not hungry in the morning, which might be because of late night snacking that has a negative effect on health.

The answer might be in when you eat breakfast.

Intermittent fasters delay the first meal of the day by 90 minutes and eat their last meal an hour and a half earlier. It meant that they only ate during a narrower window, yet changed nothing about their dietary habits. It caused them to lose twice the body fat as those who continued their normal pattern of eating. Even though the studies may contradict one another. One thing is certain, eating a healthy breakfast, rather than eating a bagel or donut with coffee, is far better for your overall health and weight loss program.

  • If you’re going to have a physically demanding day, eating breakfast will help you make it through the morning with the most energy.
  • A light breakfast before a workout can help improve its quality by giving you energy. However, after a workout, a more substantial meal higher in protein, can help build muscle tissue and aid in recovery.
  • Breakfast should include protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat. A cup of full fat Greek yogurt with berries, nuts and seeds is a quick on-the-go breakfast.
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