July – Q&A

I am trying to get my family on track with our health and Nutrition. Are there any tips you can give me to help make this process easier?

Absolutely! The first step in creating a healthier family is to make sure that you communicate that you want to start making healthier choices, Not going on a diet. You do not want to be responsible for giving your child an eating disorder because of how you start your new healthy lifestyle.  It is very difficult once someone is always dieting to help them understand that “going on a Diet” is not the answer. Good Healthy Nutrition is something that should be a life long endeavor. Here are a few tips that should make your family’s healthy transition a little easier.

  1. Start by gradually changing the foods that you deliver your family. Slowly start adding fruits and veggies to the families snacks and meals in place of any processed packaged foods. Remember if you do this all at once you are going to get some push back especially by young kids. Start slow but stay steady and keep it up or you will not make the changes necessary to get on a healthy track.
  2. Take control of how your food is prepared. You have made a choice to be healthy so start cooking or asking for your food to be prepared in healthier ways. When I am at home and we are preparing meals we make sure to keep sauces and high calorie toppings to a minimum. When we go out I ask for my food to be prepared by grilling it or baking it, restaurants are more health conscious than ever so they understand special requests. Stay away from fried foods at all cost and remember if you would not order it why are you letting your kids for example fried chicken nuggets and french fries.  Lots of restaurants are starting to have healthier options for the kids and if they don’t make sure to ask for a healthier option.
  3. I have this at #3 but it is one of the most important things you can do. Stay away from Soda Pop. These high Sugar High calorie drinks are just plain bad for your health. I have several clients who had some pretty bad soda addictions. When they got away from this sugary drink their bodies felt better and they lost unwanted pounds quickly.
  4. Start enjoying time out doors where you and the kids can run and play. Swimming, Hiking, Riding Bicycles. When it is too hot outside take them to do indoor activities like bowling or Laser Tag, These activities will help keep you and your family active!

I can not stress enough that this is not a Diet that you are placing your family on. You are helping them create a healthy lifestyle that is going to take a little time to get use to. Stay focused and on track and your entire family will begin to see the benefits of healthy living.

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