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I love summer barbecues but I fear it will hinder my weight loss do you have any suggestions to stay on track?

The Summertime pastime of outdoor cookouts is a great time to spend with family and friends but you are right to be worried; did you know that an average barbecue meal can easily exceed 1500 calories?  That is almost an entire days worth of calories all in one meal.

That is the bad news but the good news is you can do some easy changes and survive the barbecue season while making summertime the perfect opportunity for weight loss.  Here are a few tips to keep your weight loss on track.

1. Choose the right meat:  Grilling can actually be a very healthy way to cook meat.  Just make sure to choose lean cuts of meat and ditch the traditional highly fatty barbecued meats, burgers and hotdogs.

  • Choose chicken, lean cuts of beef or pork
  • Use a low fat dressing for a marinade
  • Want a hamburger?  no problem use extra-lean ground beef or lean ground turkey.
  • Make a dry rub and top with a fruit salsa
  • Grill up some of your favorite fish

2. Don’t let side dishes sabotage your efforts: Most people run into trouble with the sides.  Who can blame them at most barbecues all the dishes are loaded with carbs and fat.

Try this instead:

  • Make veggie kabobs and grill them
  • Grill bok choy or romaine
  • Replace mayo in your salads with low fat mayo or olive oil
  • Serve a mixed salad with a light vinaigrette
  • Grill your favorite veggies – squash and asparagus are great on the grill
  • Put out a veggie tray with a low fat dip

3. Easy on the drinks:  It is so easy to grab a margarita but it can quickly turn into 3 or 4.  Remember that beverages can play a major role in your weight gain.  Drink plenty of water Stick with light beer If you must have a soda stick with diet Unsweetened ice tea Flavored water – fill a pitcher with water and add some lemon, orange, lime and some mint leaves let set for a few hours and serve.

4. Say yes to dessert:  I bet I surprised you with this one.  You can still enjoy a sweet treat while losing weight just think creatively and watch your portions. Grill your favorite fruits on a kabob (i.e.: mango, banana and pineapple) Choose sorbet over ice-cream Grilled peach halves Choose light ice-cream over regular

Take my grilling suggestions grab your family and friends, fire up the grill and make some great summer memories.

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