Keep Your Skin Healthy All Year Long

People who come to SkinSport in Phoenix, love the results they get. They lose weight, get fitter, increase their energy level and see positive results in all parts of their body. In fact, many of the dietary and exercises improve your appearance in other ways. They keep your skin healthy all year long. The combination of increased fitness, improved circulation and better nutrition is what makes the difference.

Make your skin look years younger by focusing on healthy fat.

In order to look your best, you need the right type of nutrition. Increasing the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is a start. Omega-3 fatty acids aid in keeping your skin supple, thick and moist. It reduces inflammation and the potential for acne. Walnuts and fatty fish are a good source of omega-3. Both also contains vitamin E, which is excellent for reducing skin damage, zinc and provides a good source of protein to aid in beautiful skin. Avocados are a source of healthy fat. It also helps keep skin moisturized and supple. New studies show that eating them regularly can help prevent skin damage from the sun. They are also a source of vitamin E and vitamin C, both of which protect the skin.

Include a rainbow of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Each meal should contain fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes and other orange vegetables contain beta carotene that converts to vitamin A in the body. It’s also in spinach, which doesn’t fit the color code. Having adequate vitamin A is a natural sunscreen and provides antioxidants that protect the skin. Red or yellow bell peppers also contain vitamin A, but more importantly, is a rich source of vitamin C. That’s necessary to produce collagen, which reduces the risk of dry, wrinkled skin. Broccoli has both vitamin A and vitamin C, but also many other minerals and vitamins, which includes zinc. Tomatoes, another great source of vitamin C, contains lycopene, that protects the skin from the sun.

Exercise is essential for good circulation and can keep you younger at a cellular level.

When you workout, it extends telomeres. Telomeres protect the chromosomes from damage and cell death. The more damage and cell death that occurs, the older you’ll look. Exercise also boosts your circulation, which sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout your system and to each cell. Exercise also helps flush cellular debris out when you sweat.

  • Getting adequate sleep can help you look refreshed and renewed each day. When you sleep it boots HGH—the human growth hormone—that’s necessary for healthy skin, strong nails and beautiful hair.
  • Avoid stress, learn meditation or workout to burn off the hormones of stress. Cortisol interferes with the production of collagen, which you need for supple beautiful skin.
  • Quit smoking if you smoke. Smoking narrows the blood vessels, including in your outer layer of skin. That means less blood flow gets to the cells, which causes a reduction in nutrition and oxygen.
  • Drink plenty of water. Even mild dehydration can cause cellular build up, dry skin, psoriasis, premature wrinkling and discoloration.

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