March – Q&A

I have been working on getting my abs back. Any way I can do it before summer gets here?

Getting strong abs sounds simple, but it is so much more involved than most think. You’ve seen the infomercials selling products guaranteed to create the tightest, flattest tummy in just seconds a day. I am so sorry to deflate the hype balloon but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Truth is, no one exercise or machine will give you the tight, toned abs you want. Not that these devices are bad—In fact, I use ab rollers in my routine. But workout aides alone will not do the trick. Here is the best way to tone abs fast:

Step 1: Eat Clean! Find a healthy nutrition plan, not a diet. Diets have an end date and after all the hard work getting strong and lean, the last thing you want is to end it all by going back to your old eating habits. Good nutrition is key to getting to your goal… and staying there!

Step 2: Work that Body! Targeting a specific body part is fine if you are deficient in that area and want to develop muscle there. I see so many focusing all their energy on “big guns” or “a six-pack” or a “beach bum.” But working the entire body regularly is the fastest way to burn the most fat and increase lean muscle.

Step 3: Turn it up! Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Kick your program up a notch by push your body harder to get more from each workout. Your body adapts to routines quickly so to keep progressing, make sure your routine is ever-evolving. Then, get plenty of rest between workouts; a good night’s sleep is important. Follow these steps to push through the plateaus and you will have your tummy toned by the time the swimsuit comes out.





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