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Scott, I have tried so many different diets and fitness routines and although some of them helped me lose weight I have never been able to keep the weight off, what can I do for long-term results that will last?

Oh I wish that you could start a fitness program and get amazing results that would never go away; unfortunately that is not the case. In order to see long lasting results you have to create a Lifestyle where you are dedicated to your health and fitness.  When it comes to your body, the two habits that define your physique are your eating and exercise habits. In fact, everyone that you know who is in great shape has dialed in these two important habits. 
The first step in this process is to create these healthy Habits.

Making a habit. 

Use these 7 steps to create a healthy habit.

  1. Choose ONE new healthy lifestyle choice and get really great at it.
  2. Write that new lifestyle choice down and list the reasons for it.
  3. You also want to make note of any obstacles that may stand in your way and how to overcome them.
  4. Make this new choice a priority, this is your ONE new healthy obsession and nothing gets in its way.
  5. Fully commit to it by letting other people know about it so that you are held accountable; This is really easy to do in Facebook.
  6. Keep track of how often you successfully act on this new choice.
  7. Reward yourself for your success; Rewards should never be food-based rewards. Reward yourself with things that will mean something to you, something that you will remember!

Once this healthy lifestyle choice becomes second nature to you (usually in about 30 days) and you no longer have to think about it, it has now become a habit and it is now time to add another healthy choice to the list.

See what we are doing here? We are working on creating a healthy lifestyle where you will be able to lose the unwanted lbs and keep them off by continuing to live these new healthy habits. I am not going to lie to you; this is not an easy task. It is reported that as many as 95% of people who lose weight regardless of the method will put some or all of that weight back on. Remember that the magic pill truly does not exist. There are no real shortcuts that will allow you to keep the weight off. The Fads that you see out there are just that, a quick fix that will shortly wear off and fade away. The only real cure to what ales you is a Healthy nutrition plan where you enjoy the foods that you eat and a great exercise routine that changes regularly so you do not get bored. If you want long-term results then you must create a healthy lifestyle that you can continue throughout your life!

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