The Importance Of A Fitness Routine During A Lockdown

Whether it’s during a lockdown or not, having a fitness routine is important. Whether you’re at your busiest time at work, going through personal problems or in the middle of a pandemic, keeping something consistent and predictable in your life can help provide some of the structure you need. While you might not have be able to come to the gym while the lockdowns were in effect, those of you who already established a workout and healthy eating program had the outline already in place to follow. Start today and develop your own program, whether you come to the gym or do it at home, the consistency is important to your well-being.

Why is a routine important?

When you get up every morning you have a routine. Whether it’s taking a shower and brushing your teeth or ambling out to make coffee, you don’t have to think about it. You just do it. Getting a routine for fitness can provide you with that mindless inspiration. In this case, mindlessness is a positive thing. It isn’t about the actual workout, but more about the habit of doing the workout. Getting fit is all about consistency and developing healthy habits encourages that.

You’ll feel like something’s missing if you don’t follow your routine.

There’s a reason that many of these healthy habits are called lifestyle changes. It’s exactly what they do, make changes in your life permanently, or at least for a long time. A habit is hard to break and when something becomes part of your routine, it’s a habit. Eating healthier becomes a habit. It can change your tastes, so you don’t crave sugary treats but find the natural sweetness of fruit to be satisfying. When you’re at the store, you’ll buy healthy food when eating healthy is your habit, and opt for healthier options when eating in restaurants.

Even though you’ve developed a routine, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep it interesting.

If you’ve worked out at 6 in the morning for months, in your mind, that time slot is taken and you wake up automatically to do it. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same exercises every time. The same is true of eating healthy. Choosing more whole food, including fruits and vegetables, and less processed food doesn’t mean you eat the same meal every day. In fact, our nutrition program can help you learn healthy eating with a varied menu that provides the nutrition you need.

  • Don’t forget to include all types of fitness, flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. If you’re working with a personal trainer, either in a group or private sessions, he/she can do it for you.
  • Varying your workout, while keeping the same schedule, will help prevent plateauing by keeping your body burning the highest amount of calories. It also takes the boredom out of workouts and ensures all muscles are worked in all ways.
  • You can start your fitness routine and add to it as you go. Start by giving up processed food or include a walk in your daily life, and build from there. No matter where you start, just do it and do it consistently.
  • You can begin your routine today by taking a one week free trial or getting a free consultation at SkinSport. It could be just the incentive you need to start today and develop a lifetime of healthy habits.

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