What Are Your Health And Fitness Goals

There’s a lot of reasons to set health and fitness goals. The first is that when you set goals, your chances of getting an outcome you want are increased. Health and fitness goals can include all types of things. You can set a goal to cut out added sugar from your diet and drop all processed food, exercise three times a week or even to lose a specific amount of weight. If you choose the weight loss goal, remember, not to fret and weigh yourself constantly. Just do the things that you’re supposed to do to reach that goal and it will happen naturally.

Goal setting gives you a specific target.

It may seem lofty or noble to set a goal to live healthier, but what does that mean? It could be something as minor as cutting out potato chips or as major as setting up a program of healthy eating, adequate rest, hydration and exercise. You have to define what healthy means to you and if it’s more than one thing, create more than one goal. For instance, you might have an exercise goal plus a dietary goal. Defining your objective clearly is what’s important.

A goal keeps you on track.

If you’ve ever wandered the aisle of a grocery store without having anything in particular in mind to buy…except knowing you need groceries for the week…you probably came home with far too many items you didn’t need and maybe shouldn’t have purchased. You also may not have all you need from the grocery for the week. Having a goal is like having a shopping list. It reminds you what you need to do. If you’re working on an exercise program, maybe your ultimate goal is to do X number of sets or lift a certain amount of weight. For people who want to eat healthy, it could be to eliminate added sugar or eat at least two or three servings of fruits or vegetables each meal.

When you identify your goal and write it down, it can motivate you.

If you’re going to the gym to workout every week with no ultimate goal in mind, it can be pretty boring. You’re more apt to do the same routine continually and never challenging yourself. Creating goals can boost your progress in the gym by giving you that target to focus on and achieve. It can be a great motivator that will keep you on the right track.

  • You can start with a goal and break it down to mini goals to help you achieve success. For instance, an initial goal might be to walk five blocks in 15 minutes, but your ultimate goal is to walk twenty blocks—one mile—in 15 minutes. As you achieve each milestone, celebrate your success.
  • When you track your goals, you can see just how much you’ve achieved. Goals are not only meant to keep you on the straight and narrow, they’re also ways to see your success.
  • If your goal is to lose a specific number of pounds, focus more on the way you’re going to reach that goal, doing everything you need to do to get there, rather than the pounds you lose. Don’t weigh yourself daily, as weight often fluctuates no matter how well we stick with a program.
  • Make sure your fitness goals are what you want, not the desires of others. If you’re not committed to a goal, but simply go through the motions, you simply won’t achieve it.

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