What Gets You Out Of Bed In The Morning?

Learning your motivation for working out and getting fit and identifying the real reason you want to do it may be the key to being successful in your fitness program and achieving your goals. If someone told you that you should workout or lose weight, it’s not enough. Even if it’s your doctor. Why did that send you to the gym? Was it only to please your doctor? If so, you’ve set yourself up for failure. Was it so you could live a healthier, more productive life and live longer. Now you’ve got a true motivation. Picture watching children and grandchildren graduating and starting families of their own, with you dancing at their wedding. That’s motivating.

Set goals to reach for motivation.

The goals should be yours and ones that excite you. You are the master of your universe. If something bothers you, take charge and change it. Whether you feel frumpy, sickly or out of energy, you have the power to change it. If you constantly find yourself wishing you could be thinner, more shapely or have the energy to keep up with others, it’s time to take command and make that your motivation. Prove to the world that you’re truly the master of your fate. Find a motivational phrase or verse to lead you to success. My favorite is Invictus by William Earnest Henley.

Find more than one way to measure your success.

Don’t make that bathroom scales your ruler. It’s not. If you’re only using it to motivate yourself, you’ll be disappointed on those days you didn’t lose weight, but probably lost inches. Taking your measurements can boost your motivation, since a cubic inch of fat weighs far less than a cubic inch of muscle. You might weigh the same, but still be slimmer and that’s the goal. Consider clothing size as a way of measuring progress.

Make the journey as much fun as the destination.

Get a workout partner to train with or workout in a small group. It’s more fun when you share your journey with another. Remember that you don’t have to limit your exercise to the gym. Alternate between the gym and something active you love to do. It could be as simple as riding a bike every other day or taking a walk. Some people find that treating themselves to working out at a local park or on playground equipment periodically, is both satisfying and motivating, others feel pampered in the gym. There’s nothing wrong with doing both.

  • Take before and after pictures. Log your progress in pictures. Every month, take a picture in the same spot, wearing identical clothing. When you’ve reached your goal, you can even post them on social media.
  • Keep your eye on the prize. If your motivation is improved good health, picture going to the doctor and seeing him smile when your blood sugar, blood pressure and weight are normal. It can be the motivation for those days you want to skip a workout.
  • Find reasons to workout. Think of those stressful days when working out melted away the stress or focus on the person you’d like to become. Everyone has seen a spry senior they admire for their energy, picture yourself being that person some day.
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