July – Q&A

I am trying to get my family on track with our health and Nutrition. Are there any tips you can give me to help make this process easier? Absolutely! The first step in creating a healthier family is to make sure that you communicate that you want to start making healthier choices, Not going on […]


Proper nutrition is 80% of the weight loss battle. Eating the… right foods, with the proper serving sizes at the right times is the hardest part of losing weight.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss program is the best in the business. We help… our clients achieve life changing results and we want to help you! Here is the crazy part, no pills, no crazy shotgun diets, no extra hidden fees! We will help you create a new healthy lifestyle that you can continue indefinitely! Check out […]

June – Q&A

I love summer barbecues but I fear it will hinder my weight loss do you have any suggestions to stay on track? The Summertime pastime of outdoor cookouts is a great time to spend with family and friends but you are right to be worried; did you know that an average barbecue meal can easily exceed […]

May – Q&A

Scott, I have tried so many different diets and fitness routines and although some of them helped me lose weight I have never been able to keep the weight off, what can I do for long-term results that will last? Oh I wish that you could start a fitness program and get amazing results that […]

April – Q&A

I am trying to lose weight.  Do I have to stop drinking alcohol? If there is a topic that will just NOT stop coming up when I talk to my clients, it is ALCOHOL.  “Can I still drink?  How much is ok?  Do I really have to stop drinking?” I have always answered these questions […]

March – Q&A

I have been working on getting my abs back. Any way I can do it before summer gets here? Getting strong abs sounds simple, but it is so much more involved than most think. You’ve seen the infomercials selling products guaranteed to create the tightest, flattest tummy in just seconds a day. I am so […]

Top 5 Reasons why SkinSport is Your Fitness Facility

2 Convenient Locations! North Phoenix in Anthem – convenient from I-17 & Anthem Way.  Located on the west side of Anthem off of Opportunity Way (South of the Wal-Mart). A short drive from Tramonto, Desert Foothills, Norterra, and New River. Our Biltmore location is located at 24th St. & Camelback. This location is great if you […]